Lived experience reflections relating to Social Media

"Social media can be soul destroying at the best of times for people using it as there are some disgusting comments and content uploaded on to it (most of it untrue and sensationalised). There is much bullying and inappropriate use of social media, althoughit could be used for many good things at the same time. If used in the right way it can help to break down the stigma that surrounds mental illness in the community.

For people using social media who have a severe or complex mental illness, the use of social media can potentially be detrimental to their mental health due to things that people post. There is much discrimination and stigma-related comments made which are unhelpful. It is unfair that a person with a mental illness does not feel safe or comfortable using social media, though, as there are many people who are already isolated and rely on using it as a means of communicating with the outside world and trying to stay connected to society in some way."

– Matthew Dale, SANE Australia Peer Ambassador