Findings relating to Employment

78.1% of Our Turn to Speak participants reported experiencing some level of stigma or discrimination in relation to employment during the last 12 months.

Of the 822 participants who selected employment as one of their top three most affected life domains, 51.5% of participants reported ‘frequent’ or ‘very frequent’ experiences of stigma and discrimination in this area.

"I got asked why I needed to take sick leave; I told them that I was unwell, the manager kept pushing me to talk, so I told him I had to see a psychiatrist, and the next day I was fired from my job as it was “unsafe to have an unstable employee working with the team”"

– Our Turn to Speak participant, Western Australia


On average, 55.9% of participants said they had experienced stigma and discrimination in employment.

On average, 60.1% of participants said they anticipated stigma and discrimination in employment. 

On average, 69.7% of participants said they had stopped themselves from participating in employment. 

39.2% said they have had positive experiences in connection with their complex mental health issues in their employment because of stigma about mental health issues. 


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